Tips to have a great date

Planning a date can be a stressful event. Here are 15 tips to plan and have a great date.

Having a successful date can be easier than it seems: here are tips to make this stressfull event a great experience:

  1. It is OK to suggest a drink instead of dinner for a first date.  It is very possible that she also fears that you are boring.
  2. Agree on a time and do not be late.
  3. If the date is on tuesday call her Monday afternoon to confirm.
  4. Give you home and office number of your home and your office. If you don´t give her your home number, she will assume that you have a wife or a girlfriend.
  5. Tell her she looks pretty. Do not assume that just because you’re dating a beautiful woman, she knows how well she looks, she wants to hear from you.
  6. Men judge women according to whether they can imagine having sex with them, women judge men by whether they can imagine kissing them. Teeth care and having good breath will make her more willing to kiss you.
  7. Do not ask «what kind of music you like?». The last 25 guys asked her that. Be original.
  8. Tip 15 to 20%.  She will be judging if you are not cheap.
  9. If she touches your arm, she is interested, if she touches your leg, is interested that night. If in doubt, take her hand.
  10. Be a gentelman, offer her your arm to walk or to go up the stairs.
  11. Pay attention to what color eyes she has.  She expects you to know the color of her eyes for the next date.
  12. She knows that when you invite her to dinner or a movie at your place, that is the code for «we do tonight.» Do not do it before you realize that she is ready to «do it.»
  13. The fourth date should be a Friday or Saturday. Otherwise, she’ll wonder who else you are seeing.
  14. When you get to something more intimate, call her the next day. Otherwise, she migth feel betrayed and used.
  15. Do not say «I’ll call you» if you have no intention of doing so.

Good Luck !!!!!!

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