8 tips to cure a hangover

Hangover is a severe dehydration that can be treated by replacing what the body needs.

Hangover is the result of excessive alcohol intake, the next day the way yo feel may be worse if you also smoked excessively.

8 tips to feel better when you have a hangover :

1 .- Choose foods and beverages containing fructose: fruit juice, preferably those that contain vitamin C. Fructose helps the body to metabolize alcohol more quickly and let it out of your body faster.

2 .- Try to eat breakfast, even if you don´t crave for them, have some pancakes with honey.

3 .- Rest. If you are not able to get up, doing so can make you dizzy and vomit.

4 .- When it is time for lunch, a good choice could be a broth to replace the salt and potassium that are lost by the consumption of alcohol.

5 .- Take sport drinks, as those used by high-performance athletes (there are several brands on the market).

6 .- Avoid taking medications that cause liver damage such as acetaminophen or paracetamol, To eliminate the headache, take analgesics such as ibuprofen.

7 .- If your have nausea, an antacid or an inhibitor of the proton pump can help.

8 .- The last tip: remember how bad you feel, maybe next time you think it trice befote drinking that much.

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