10 things men find attractive in women

Men like independent, cheerful and intelligent women.

What do men find attractive in a woman beyond her “physical” looks… attractive enough to see a woman as completely irresistible… and how do you keep this long into a relationship?

1,. Sense of humour

There isn’t one guy who doesn’t absolutely love a woman who laughs at his stupid jokes simply out of a sensitive humorous bone.

But be careful, men can often sense when a woman’s laughter is authentic. It’s important to be genuine. A woman who laughs out of insecurity is easy for men to spot and turns a woman from special and irresistible to repellent. But, a woman who is really sensitive to humor is very attractive.

2.- Youthfulness

This connects with #1 because it comes from a playful heart… and youthfulness, doesn´t means age, it is a state of mind. Youth is an energy. Women who are fresh and positive are always attractive no matter how old they are.

3.- Body language

Behavioral psychologists say body language is 55% of ALL communication between men and women (vocal tone being 38%, and words/language the other 7%).

Here’s the “magic formula” for body language.

Hips loose and tilted a bit forward, arch in the lower back allowing weight to release off the upper-back and fall onto the lower, shoulders and upper back relaxed, chest present, chin up and smile.

When you learn how to have powerful body language with a man this is as close to “magic” as it gets with seeing men respond instantly with attraction.

4.- Positive emotional expression

Allow you feminie nature to flow through you without repressing it. Most women let their negative emotions come out around a man and accidentally push him away in the process.

But positive emotions, on the other hand, have the power to get a man literally addicted.

5.- Patience

It is extremely rare for a man to find a woman who is “patient”.

Let’s face it, most women in the world today are borderline. Men fin attractive women who are authentically comppassionate, patient and therefore turn to be relaxing.

When a man finally meets a woman who relaxes with his path whatever that may be, she becomes very attractive.

6.- Self-care and beauty

Beauty, healthy hair, good looking skin, makeup, healthy weight; these are the superficial things men adore.

All these are expressions of femininity. But never do it in excess. Inner beauty is just as important as the outer.

7.- Intelligence

The word “intelligence”, doesn´t Orly mean book intellect or being a philosopher. It is the ability to be creative: sharp, responsive and  alive.

A woman who is “with” a man “here and now” is extremely attractive, desirable and irresistible to a man.

8.- Wanting not needing

Most guys can sense neediness, which usually causes them to run the other direction.

But they can also sense a girl who wants them rather than needs them.

Being wanted makes a man feel compelled. A woman who has the self-confidence enough to desire and not to be attached is very attractive to a man.

Women who transmit anxiety, neediness, self-doubt or jealousy are a turn off for men.

9.- Sexually adventurous

A woman who is alive sexually becomes very attractive. Sex is the barometer of the relationship, and what you bring to it will decide how irresistible your man will find you.

10.- Integrity

Man love women who have real values and act coherently with those values.

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